Cafe Chic​
Your Anglo-Persian Cafe in Crystal Palace
Our Persian Dishes
Our personal guide to the Persian dishes we serve.
  1. Kashk e Bademjan
    Slow cooked aubergines served with Kashk, a unique tangy Persian cream made from fermented whey, dressed with walnuts and mint.
    Kashk is an ancient ingredient that forms an important part of Persian cuisine. It is made from the whey left over from butter of cheese production. The whey is fermented and then dried. To serve, we heat the dried Kashk with water until it forms a thick cream. This is then eaten with aubergine or used to flavour soups and stews.
  2. Kuku Sabzi
    An thick omelette made with soft fresh persian herbs.
    Kuku is the Persian word for omelette. Persian Omelettes are thick and filled with herbs, vegetables or even meat. Kukus can be eaten hot or cold and are great with salad or even yoghurt... Our Kuku Sabzi is made in the traditional way, with fresh herbs from the market and free range eggs. We love to have it combined with "Mast o esfanaj" - cream yoghurt and spinach dip.
  3. Mast o Esfanaj
    Lightly cooked spinach whipped with fresh yoghurt. Great with bread or as part of a Meze.
    Persians love to combine yoghurt with vegetables. Our version comines rich full cream yoghurt with cooked spinach and garlic. This is delicious with bread or as part of a meze.
  4. Mast o Khiar
    Thick creamy yoghurt with cucumber, garlic and mint. A great dish to go with bread or as part of a meze.
    Yes, a classic dish, but at Cafe Chic we make it with thick creamy yoghurt, fresh cucumber and a touch of garlic.
  5. Sambuseh
    Persian pies filled with potato and spring onion, served with garlic yoghurt, chili sauce and a little green salad
    A delicious snack food common in southern Iran. We make the traditional variety with a lightly spiced potato and spring onion filling. We serve it with our favourite combination of garlic and youghurt sauce and chili sauce.
  1. Chicken and Pommegranate Salad
    Pommegranate is a key ingredient in Persian food and the combination with Chicken is a delicious classic.
    Persian dishes often combine meat with fruit. Chicken could be paired with pommegrante, lamb with quince or plums and beef with orange...
  2. Soupe e Safid
    A classic winter soup made from milk, chicken and oats. This soup is great to stave off the cold or to help you get better from an illness. This is a regular on our home table.
    This soup provides a great depth of flavour together with may of the nutrients needs to stay healthy in Winter, but, even if you are perfectly well, the cold weather is a great excuse to try one of our favourites.
  3. Ab e Havij va Bastani
    Carrot Juice with Vanilla Ice Cream
    Yes, we know what you are thinking... really? But just imagine for a second, sweet carrot juice, ice cold on a hot day, topped with creamy vanilla ice cream. Once you have tasted it, we are sure you will love it.
  4. Salad Olivieh
    The Persian version of Russian Salad
    Many countries claim this dish as their own but their is no denying that our version with poached chicken, diced vegetables and a light mayonnaise is delicious.
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