Cafe Chic​
Your Anglo-Persian Cafe in Crystal Palace
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Cafe Chic brings you a traditional range of sandwiches, wraps, salads and cakes, spiced up with a selection of  homecooked Persian dishes. Eat in, take away or enjoy your meal in our garden.

Persian Dishes

Homemade  Cakes

Speciality Teas  and Drinks

We have chosen a selection of our favourite Persian "Meze" style dishes for you. These dishes are homemade from recepies that go back generations in our family.
Persian Cuisine is generous and based on fresh herbs and vegetables, thick creamy yoghurt and the finest young lamb and chicken. 
We have to admit that we love English style cakes. We offer a changing selction of "old favourites" and some more imaginative offerings. Our cakes are home baked and made with quality ingredients. We also offer Gluten free cakes. Now that summer has arrived we have added cakes with seasonal fruits including English strawberries and rhubarb. 

The Persians take tea very seriously and we have a range of Persian and British teas available for you to try. We also love coffee and hot chocolate and go to great lengths to make sure our coffees are the best in the area.
In summer we also offer a range of cooling non-alchoholic drinks and cocktails inspired by the hot Persian summers of our youth.
"Great service, fresh food & friendly environment. Highly recommended!" 

Free Wifi Available
We have free wifi available in the shop for the use of customers.
Gluten Free Products
If you are on a gluten free diet, just let us know. We will be happy to let you know which of our cakes and meals are gluten free.
Iman & Nas welcome  you to Cafe Chic
Group Reservations and Special events
If you would like to hire our cafe for special events or to book space for a large group just drop us a line or pop into the cafe for a chat.
It is our pleasure to welcome you to our cafe in Crystal Palace. We hope that you will feel truely welcome and will enjoy the food and dishes that we love to eat ourselves. We are a family business and we hope to offer you a taste of traditional Persian hospitlity 
We look forward to seeing you soon!
                               Iman &Nas
"Let me bring you trays of food and something that you like to drink"
Hafiz (Persian Poet)